(Art by Steve Stone via Orbit )

I'm part way through T.C. McCarthy's first novel, Germline, right now and very much enjoying it. Though it's set for release in August, Orbit have already revealed the cover art for the second title in the series, Exogene. I'm not usually a big fan of these realistic covers, but knowing from the first book what the cover is meant to depict - both the character and the mood - I can say that it's a good fit. Head on over to Orbit's website to read their Creative, Lauren Panepinto's, thoughts on the artwork. Also, catch the blurb for Exogene after the jump.

Exogene (n.): factor or agent (as a disease-producing organism) from outside the organism or system. Also: classified Russian program to merge proto-humanoids with powered armor systems (slang).

Catherine is a soldier. Fast, strong, lethal, she is the ultimate in military technology. A monster in the body of an eighteen year old girl. Bred by scientists, grown in vats, indoctrinated by the government, she and her sisters will win this war, no matter the cost.

And the costs are high. Their life span is short; as they age they become unstable and they undergo a process called the spoiling. On their eighteenth birthday they are discharged—lined up and shot like cattle.

But the truth is, Catherine and her sisters may not be strictly human, but they’re not animals. They can twist their genomes and teach them to follow the principles of Faith and Death, but they can’t shut off the voice inside that wants more than war. Catherine may have only known death, but she dreams of life and she will get it at any cost.