So this great new piece of art just appeared (click on it above to enlarge). Not too long ago I posted quite a few of the covers for titles from the upcoming Fall-Winter Pyr catalog, but sadly the art for Mark Hodder's third Burton & Swinburne adventure was missing from the lot. We can now, however, admire Jon Sullivan's splendid work. Like the covers for The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack and The Curious Case of the Clockwork Man, this piece of art is very steampunk evocative, what with the giant motorized spider-thing present in the forefront. The lettering is the same as for the previous books, but it's interesting to see that Pyr are putting more emphasis on Mark Hodder's name than they have for the previous two books. I'll admit I'm not as much a fan of this cover as I was that of the second book's cover, but this is still some fine work. A blurb should hopefully make its appearance soon, most likely when Pyr officially unveil their catalog so hold tight!