One word: wow! This artwork completely blew me away. I've mentioned before that I've like the intention behind Gollancz's branded Sanderson covers - I loved them on the Mistborn Trilogy, for which they were originally created, not so much for The Way of Kings and but thought it fit Elantris a bit better. Recently the artwork for the Gollancz edition of Warbreaker also made its first appearance, but I think there is no denying that the atmospheric style of these covers always befitted the world of Mistborn best. The blue mist is back in this cover of the upcoming new Mistborn novel, The Alloy of Law. This novel is set some ways down the line from the first three Mistborn books, and this is reflected in the artwork by that strange piece of metalwork. I'm much prefer this cover to the slightly generic US art by Chris McGrath. This artwork is striking, intriguing and I'm sure it will sit nicely on my shelf next to the other Mistborn books. Scroll down or click through for the blurb and more information on the release.

Three hundred years after the events of the Mistborn trilogy, Scadrial is on the verge of modernity, with railroads to supplement the canals, electric lighting in the streets and the homes of the wealthy, and the first steel-framed skyscrapers racing for the clouds.

Kelsier, Vin, Elend, Sazed, Spook, and the rest are now part of history—or religion. Yet even as science and technology are reaching new heights, the old magics of Allomancy and Feruchemy continue to play a role in this reborn world. Out in the frontier lands known as the Roughs, they are crucial tools for the brave men and women attempting to establish order and justice.

One such is Waxillium Ladrian, a rare Twinborn who can Push on metals with his Allomancy and use Feruchemy to become lighter or heavier at will. After twenty years in the Roughs, Wax has been forced by family tragedy to return to the metropolis of Elendel. Now he must reluctantly put away his guns and assume the duties and dignity incumbent upon the head of a noble house. Or so he thinks, until he learns the hard way that the mansions and elegant tree-lined streets of the city can be even more dangerous than the dusty plains of the Roughs.

This is by far one of my most anticipated books of the year since the Mistborn books quite nearly enthralled me. As the tease of the UK cover says: "There is still magic..." and I hope that this is true not only in the story but of the story and that Sanderson will capture us in his world of Allomancy, Feruchemy and who knows what else. The Alloy of Law is set to be published on November 8th in the USA/Canada and November 17th - adorned with this sublime artwork - in the UK. The book is available for pre-order on both and

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