The title to Hannu Rajaniemi's second book, and sequel to The Quantum Thief (LBR review here, has just been confirmed. The follow up to the science fiction debut phenomenon of last year will bear the title of The Fractal Prince. That's quite a good title - it follows the same scheme as the first (some scientific/mathematical term + title) and has got me quite intrigued. Along with this news comes a small blurb-like teaser of the second novel from Rajaniemi himself. Check it out below or after the jump.

Jean le Flambeur, posthuman thief, is out of prison, but still not free. To pay his debts to Oortian warrior Mieli and her mysterious patron the pellegrini, he has to break into the mind of a living god. Planning the ultimate heist takes Jean and Mieli from the haunted city of Sirr on broken Earth to the many-layered virtual realms of the mighty Sobornost. But when the stakes of the pellegrini’s game are revealed, Jean has to decide how far he is willing to go to get the job done.

An interesting premise that clearly builds on the events of The Quantum Thief while it looks like Jean will be travelling to new and far-flung places. The Fractal Prince is set for a tentative March 2012 release and is already available for pre-order on

Via John Jarrold's Website