As you may have noticed, unlike some other bloggers, I haven't yet made any proclamations about my intentions or resolutions for year 2011. That's partly because I believe that I'm already hard at work on bringing those ideas to life, but also because I'm saving up on making any big statements until LBR's first birthday which is coming up on the 17th (though you loyal blog followers already knew that, right?). Meanwhile though, I thought I'd share a few of the projects I've been working on or thinking up and wish you might expect to see at some coming date. I'll leave any definite resolutions and stuff for the 17th, though. So without further ado...

Blog Re-design:

To be honest, I'm still not too sure about this one. I like the way LBR looks at the moment, and I hope that others do too, but I've never really been convinced that it can't look even better. Aesthetics and design, for me, is an important part of what a blog is; it helps to give an indication of what to expect and I think works much like any sort of branding. You may also have noticed that I haven't formatted my blog quite like other book bloggers have. I know, I know, everyone does it differently but I still feel like there are some significant things I do differently. Like the truncated posts on the homepage instead of the full posts scrolling down endlessly (this is not a judgment on other blogs, by the way) for example. I also wanted my blog to look more professional than personal. This may or may not have been a mistake, but it is part of the reason I opted for the truncated posts or the lack of bright, obnoxious colors, or too much the very dark ones for that matter.

So where am I verbosely going with this? Well, some things always bothered me about the design. The fact that I was never able to fit in the whole of LBR’s logo into the header (which you, if you wish, can see here with the blue background or here with the white) has frustrated me to no end. Also, I’ve become quite the fan of very modest, very white blog designs, so I’ve felt like I might want to go for one of those. So I have re-designed the blog, only you can’t see it. It’s currently uploaded on a test blog which I may eventually make available to the public to gather everyone’s opinion before making any decision final. Because to be honest, this re-design has got things I don’t like either. I was able to get the logo, or a modified version of it, into the header. The design is definitely more modest. And white. But other things are bothering me. More on this in the future though

Debut author interviews:

There has been a distinctive lack of interviews on LBR for the past couple of months. And that’s a shame. Both for you readers (because I assume you enjoy them) and for me since they are one of my favorite things to do as a blogger. As I write this I realize it sounds sort of like a new year’s resolution which I said I wouldn’t make in this post, but I want to do more of them this coming year.

But I’ve already got a few interviews under my belt so I thought I should mix it up a bit (and really, I do just mean a bit) and be more specific in and who I interview and how I interview them. This is no groundbreaking idea, many have done it before, but I have the intention of seeking out 2011 debut authors that catch my interest and systematically interviewing them.

So nothing really new, you could say. I plan on spicing things up a little though. Instead of a classical interview like those I’ve run in the past, these ‘Debut Interviews’ will most likely be shorter and will all feature at least on question in common (unless I think of more, and do feel free to give suggestions). I haven’t come up with the exact phrasing yet (duh) but it will be a question that essentially puts the author really on the spot and, even more than your typical ‘why should readers read your book’ or ‘what is special about your book’ questions, will confront the author and make him or her justify why they think they’re books will still be sitting on SFF fans’ shelves next to their favorite reads in 5 years time.

So I hope this feature will work, and be interesting. I still need to work out the little details, though. Oh yeah, and contact so debut authors….

Other features:

I’m hard at work (in my mind) coming up with ways of diversifying the content you will find on LBR. It’s been almost a year now, and despite it being called LEC Book Reviews, I want the blog to have content that is something other than just book reviews. Yes, this will always make up the bulk of the posts, but it’s no reason not to include other things. I do run interviews (as the bit above discusses) and the occasional bit of cover art, but I think more, in this case, would be better. I want there to be more posts more often, and I want them to be about more varied things.

The details of this bit of my plans are still a bit fuzzy – probably the fuzziest of all the projects – but I have a couple of ideas as to how to make this work out. I’m pretty much giving LBR as much time as I can really give it (yes, I do have other things to do) so the solution to this may be to have more things such as guest post or blog ‘events’ that last are short bursts of concentrated blog activity (which would be easier to dedicate time to).

But we’ll see. I hope to have more news on all these things come the blog’s anniversary, but otherwise keep checking back. Also, I’d much appreciate any input you may have about any of these ideas/projects, if you could just leave it in the comments below!