One year...

Yes, it’s been that long. Though I realize for most of you reading this, its hasn’t been that long. For me it has.

I think it’s obligatory in one of these celebratory posts for me to look back to January of a year-ago and reflect.To be honest, I started this blog on something like a whim after having discovered and followed one, two, maybe three, blogs for a couple of months. I felt I hadn’t been reading nearly as much as used to and decided reviewing books for a public might be just the incentive I needed. And, apparently it was.

When I started out and had to pick which genre I was going to ‘dedicate’ LBR to I picked Science Fiction and Fantasy basically because that’s what I saw myself as being a fan of. Was I really at the time? I certainly wasn’t as much of a fan as I am now one year deep in this whole SFF online community thing.

Beyond being a fan of what you read, there’s the whole being a blogger and reviewer thing that comes with opening up your own little space in the blogosphere. I struggled with this for a while. Having perhaps not ‘watched’ blogs for as long as I probably should have before starting my own I took a while to get acquainted to the whole process. Things like how to get people to actually read my posts or getting in contact with authors/publishers to arrange interviews and such took a while for me to learn. I’m still learning now and LBR is growing. January 2011, all of its 17 days, is LBR’s best month yet in terms of frequentation. From the looks of it, we’re one year in and things are only now truly starting up.

I had hoped for today, as I mentioned in my ‘Things is Progress’ post, t0 have more news on the various projects I listed there. Those projects are still going through - I’m still working out the kinks on the debut-author interviews and planning other features, but all that will be showing up soon. Hopefully. As for the blog re-design, I’ve chosen to make a mirror blog with the new design public for all to see, and more importantly for all to share their opinion of it. Please, do comment on this post, any post on the mirror-blog or send me an email (contact page) with your thoughts and any recommendations you may have. The mirror-blog can be found here:

So that’s it then. Happy first blogoversary LBR!