The cover art for Blake Charlton's second novel, Spellbound, sequel to his 2010 debut Spellwright, has just been released over at This beautiful piece of art by master artist Todd Lockwood is easily the equal of Spellwright's, if not even better. Lockwood blends in some fabulous colors and an illustration that portrays an older, more mature Nicodemus and - lo and behold - an incredibly striking dragon. With such a scene on the cover what, I wonder, can Charlton have in store for us?

If cover art is your thing, I suggest heading on over to this post at to see an interesting write up by Mr. Charlton himself and some appreciable insights into the work process that went into creating this splendid cover. For those of you more interested in the book, Spellbound will be available to those in the US in Summer of 2011, at which point we will all be able to know how The Spellwright Trilogy continues. Hopefully, LBR will be there to update you when further details are known. Until then why don't you go ahead and take another look at that gorgeous art up there!