So as some of you might have noticed, things have slowed down a bit on LBR the past few weeks what with nigh more than a single post a week for the past two weeks. You'll be happy to know that will change.

I plan on returning to my more normal and frequent posting schedule with my average of two reviews a week plus the occasional bit of news, covert art, etc. Already this afternoon I'll have a fresh new review for you. Also, interviews have been sadly absent on the blog since July and that too will hopefully change, so expect those to come as soon as I can possibly make them.

Other than that I have lined up quite a few books for review, all the way into October, even. All of those, I hope, will be great ones. It's a varied bunch I have selected and I'm very much looking forward to them.

So that's that. Thanks to you readers for sticking through slower times. Now on to more great speculative books.