has released a new piece in which Peter Lutjen discusses how he went about designing the covers for Dan Well's exceptional John Cleaver Trilogy. Though very little is known about the third book, I Don't Want To Kill You, this post allows us to get a look at its cover as well as some cover outtakes. You'll also get to see outtakes for the other two covers and he obtained the final results for all three.

This third, and final, US cover is not bad at all but I am much more partial to the Mr. Monster cover and to a lesser extent that of I Am Not A Serial Killer. This cover is very much in the same line as the others but since we get a look at some of the rejected covers in Mr. Lutjen's post I found I liked the bath drain cover better. I do like the placement of the Sanderson quote, or at least I like what Lutjen has done with the burned paper sticking out. There is no news yet on what the UK cover for I Don't Want To Kill You will look like; it will be interesting to compare it, if not to the US covers, than to the other UK covers for the two previous books.

I Don't Want To Kill You is set to be released in early 2011 in the UK and I assume not long after in the US. The first book in the John Cleaver books, I Am Not A Serial Killer (my review here, btw) is already out in both the US and the UK while the second novel, Mr. Monster (my review here) is out only in the UK but due for publication in September for the US. You can pre-order it here and I Don't Want To Kill You here (UK). Also, you might be interested in an interview I ran with Dan Wells a couple of weeks back: find it here.

Note: As always, click on the cover art to enlarge.