Over at his blog, Patrick Rothfuss just announced two pretty significant things for people waiting on the second entry in his Kingkiller Chronicles, The Wise Man's Fear. First of all: after having turned in the third draft for the book and gotten feedback from her he has told her that he is sure that he can have the writing done by September of this year. This leads directly into the second bit of info, the publication date of The Wise Man's Fear which Rothfuss puts in at the 1st of March 2011.

Those that have been following Rothfuss for a while might remark that this is far from the first time that he has projected a final due date, but from what he says in this latest post it seems pretty certain to me. What makes me say this? Just the conviction with which he says it in his own post:

"I said I was sure I could finish it by September.

She asked me if I was sure. Really sure.

I thought about it. Back in 2007, I was sure I’d have the book done by 2008. But I was hugely ignorant and optimistic back then. So I was dead fucking wrong. That caused a lot of grief.

I told her I was really sure I could have it finished by September.

Come hell or high water? She asked me.

Come hell or high water, I said.

So we agreed that I’d have the book finished by September. It was nice. It made us both happy."

All in all this is not so bad news, even if Rothfuss himself predicts some discontentment among his fans. I myself came a bit later to his work so I have not been one of those anxiously waiting for the past three years, and so one year really does to seem all that bad. At least Rothfuss has come out an announced another due date, something that clearly deserves some respect as it is no easy thing to go into such detail about his work...

Find the full post on Patrick Rothfuss's blog here

Meanwhile, The Wise Man's Fear is already available for pre-order on: