The cover of N.K. Jemisin's sequel to The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms as just showed up on the internet. It's in the same vein as the cover of the previous book, though probably better in my opinion since for the me the Hundred-Thousand Kingdoms' cover was only mediocre. Unfortunately they kept the aspect of the theme that I liked the least, that being the face in the background. Though better than the creepy/angry women with weird hair, the guy with lights coming out of his eyes still doesn't cut. Now that its on two out of three means that chances are the last book in the trilogy will have one of these too.

Apart from that I must say that the color scheme is quite nice as well as the crumbly castle in the tree, compared to the unified castle on the cover of the Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, showing of course what's changed since then. I'll go out on a limb here (not really) and say that the tree is a sign of new growth/hope, which is probably meant as insight into this second novel.

As it is, it's not a bad cover at all, and too be honest it makes me want to read this sequel ever so slightly more (which is part of the job of a cover after all), so good job to Cliff Nielsen, the artist. The Broken Kingdoms is due to be published in the fall (November 4th for those of you who like things precise). Check out The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms now if you haven't done so already (my review of it can be found here).

Note: as always click on the image to get a better look at the cover...