Tor, Brandon Sanderson's publisher, has just released the cover art for Sanderson's next book, The Way of Kings. The cover, illustrated by Michael Whelan, it is seriously beautiful work. Whelan is one of the most prominent Science Fiction and Fantasy cover artists of the past thirty years with previous work including illustrations for such big names as Arthur C. Clarke, Michael Moorcock and many monre. The cover itself resembles more that of, I wouldn't say older, but maybe more classical fantasy epics. Compared to the covers of Sanderson's other books, it is probably most similar to the cover for Elantris and the US paperback editions of the Mistborn Trilogy, though I would say of a superior quality. I absolutely love the color scheme used as well as the face off that seems to be happening between the two characters represented.

The Way of Kings is rumored to be published sometime this summer - most likely August - and is supposed to be the first in a lengthy ten volume series, The Stormlight Archive. Not much is known about the book or the series apart from the fact that Sanderson wrote it before a lot of his already published books, but did not feel, until now, that he was ready to have such a massive epic published. This is definitely one of the books I'm the most looking forward too this year and you can be sure to find a review of it here at LEC Book Reviews when it is finally out.

Follow some of the links below to see the original article over at with additional comments and sketches by Whelan and also a link to Sanderson's blog/website were he has warned that he will release further details about TWOK (there is already some info about it if you search through his blog archive).


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