The cover art for Joe Abercrombie's next book has been posted (at least for the Orbit version) by Orbit Books. You have to remmeber that as with Best Served Cold, The Heroes, will be published jointly by Gollancz and Orbit so the cover art for the Gollancz might be very different, but at least we get this look at it. I'd like to point ou right now that this is a a much better (accorfing to me) than the cover Orbit produced for Best Served Cold last year.

The art is reminescent of the Orbit cover for Best Served Cold, and the map in the backgroudn is actually the one form BSC; it will pe replaced by a new map whenever the artist finishes it (I will post about it again whenever that is). The mostly bloody cover nicely reflects Abercrombie's typically gritty and somewhat gory writing, though in my opinion they could have at least made the title color something other than red. I do, however, quite like the half drawn out characters at the top of the blood.

Look forward to this book being out sometime in early 2011 (Abercrombie says February on his blog, Orbit says March). You can find a synopsis/teaser on the Orbit post about the cover launch (link bellow) as well as a progress report from Abercrombie himself on his blog (link also bellow). Personnally, this is one I am very much looking forward to despite the long wait.


Abercrombie's progress report: Here
Orbit post on the cover launch: Here

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