It may happen that in the future you will stumble across a review on this site which is labeled under Classic Fantasy. This means that this is an "older" fantasy book which I deem worthy enough of being called "classic". These will ofter be books by some of the modern fantasy masters (i.e. George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire, Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time) though they might not. You'll find these reviews to be typically a bit shorter than others, partly because they will often be the first entries in epic scale series and also because they are just meant as short introductions. The Classic Fantasy reviews will mostly be aimed at those trying to begin reading Fantasy or those that want to read the classic works (I'm going to be assuming that most of you have read these since they are pretty famous...).

So anyways enjoy them if you are fantasy beginners, though you oldies may also read them. Watch out for them!

BTW: All the Classic Fantasy Reviews will be available directly by clicking the Classic Fantasy (obviously) tab at the top of the page.