This is the first book I read from Brandon Sanderson and actually, the only reason I was interested in reading him was because I had heard that he was the author chosen to finish the Wheel Of Time. Since I live in Europe, I had some problems getting hold of a copy of the book until last October when The Final Empire was finally published in the UK (with better cover art than that of the US versions I might add). Once I got my copy a couple of days before its release, after waiting months to get it, you can understand that I devoured it, and it most definitely was worth the wait.

Sanderson once again plunges us into one of his complex and original worlds, this time in the land of the Final Empire. For a thousand years the Final Empire has stood with the oppressive Lord Rule at its head. And for a thousand years the Skaa, the slave level class of the population, have been beaten downed and forced into servitude by the noble class. Now though, Kelsier, hero among the Skaa, and a Mistborn, a user of all the Allomantic metals, is planning a rebellion to overthrow the Final Empire. He assembles a thieving crew made up of Skaa underground Allomancers, the best of their kind, to help him prepare the coup. Among those he picks up off of the street is the orphan Vin, who all her life has been abnormally suspicious of other people. When Vin discovers that she too is Mistborn she fully engages in the Kelsier’s plans. Together they prepare to face the strongest and most seemingly unbeatable foe in all history.

We mostly follow Vin’s point of view throughout the book as she first starts to develop and learn of her new powers. Once again Sanderson has created a magic system that gives the characters awesome powers while still having needed limitations. Through Vin’s training, he takes us on a tour of the magic he has created and it is at Vin’s own pace that we discover its possibilities. The way the use of Allomancy is designed leads to some very well written and exciting fight scenes as are very rarely done.

The general plot of the Final Empire is delightful and keeps you reading as you constantly wish to see if the next step in Kelsier’s plan will work or what it is. Kelsier also is one of the more interesting characters in the novel. We get a few point of view chapters from him and through those we can grasp his conflicted nature and his troubled past. Still, Kelsier is one of the stronger, boulder-like characters around which the other characters revolve.

The Final Empire ends well, completing all or most of the story arcs, making it seem like it could be an independent novel, yet Sanderson leaves some questions unanswered to better lead the reader into the sequel: The Well of Ascension. If you’ve read Elantris or if you want to know like I did what makes Brandon Sanderson so special then this book and its sequels are the books for you. It really is a truly amazing read.

Summarizing Info:
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Reading Age: 13 and up

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